Rosary and Mass were held in the chapel July 13. Irene Herr led the rosary and Father Shannon Lucht led the Mass for the residents to enjoy. Later in the morning, Current Events and Let’s Exercise completed the morning activities in the activity room. That afternoon, the residents were once again invited to the chapel for the Protestant church service. Pastor Floyd Haan from the Pollock Presbyterian Church provided the services for all to attend and enjoy. His wife, Janice, accompanied the hymns on the piano. A lunch of deviled eggs, snack crackers, and a choice of beverage followed for all in the dining room.

On July 14, there were several residents that attended Current Events and Exercise in the activity room. The activity staff shared a variety of top stories from the local daily paper and several types of exercises during the activity. In the afternoon, the residents were busy in the dining room playing a dice game “Beat That!” Yogurt parfaits were the perfect lunch. It was a fun afternoon for everybody.

On July 15, Current Events and Let’s Exercise were offered to the residents in the activity room. The activity staff shared the top stories from the local daily paper and a variety of exercises. Ball Toss game was the residents’ choice activity in the afternoon. Sugar cookies and a choice of beverages were served for lunch following the activity. It was National Sugar Cookie Day.

On July 16, the residents were able to watch a variety of religious services of their choice on their TVs. Throughout the day, there were several family and friends stopping by to visit.

On July 17, Current Events and Let’s Exercise were held in the activity room for all to hear the news and join in a variety of exercises. The dining room was the place to be that afternoon. Cash Bingo was offered and was a hit. Goldie Madden was the blackout winner at the activity. Root beer floats were also a hit for lunch. It was National Root Beer Float Day!

On July 18, the residents filled the activity room to hear the latest news from the local newspaper, followed by various exercises. That afternoon, Flippo was played in the dining room. Everyone enjoyed the Scotch-a-roos that were served for lunch. It was a yummy treat.

On July 19, several residents attended Current Events and Let’s Exercise in the activity room. In the afternoon, Cash Bingo was the activity. St. Mary’s Catholic Church of Hague, North Dakota, were the hostesses for a fun afternoon. Bernice Ressler and Don Weichel were the blackout winners. For lunch, the ladies served Bismarck rolls and a choice of beverages.

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