Strasburg Care Center

Thursday afternoon the residents were excited to hear the activity was going to be Cash Bingo. The dining room was full of excited Bingo players waiting to hear their numbers called and to shout out Bingo. 

Blackout winner was Wilma Gross. For lunch the residents were treated to apple slices along with a variety of dips such as like caramel and marshmallow dip prepared by the dietary staff. The residents commented on how they enjoyed the special treat. 

Friday morning the ladies were treated to having their hair fixed during Feeling Good Group. The Ladies look forward to getting their hair fixed before the weekend. 

Friday afternoon the residents enjoyed joining in the activity of playing Farkle, which is a dice game. The residents were anxiously waiting their turn to shake and roll the dice and excited to see what the roll was and how many points they had made. 

Saturday morning the residents gathered in the Activity Room for Current Events and Let’s Exercise. The “B” residents attended the Current Events and Let’s Exercise in the B-South Solarium with several residents enjoying the news being read and being updated on the happenings throughout the day 

Ladder ball was offered in the dining room on Saturday afternoon. There were several residents attending the activity. Fun and laughter were shared by all. Warm chocolate chip cookies and a choice of beverage was served for lunch following the activity. Top scorers with a tie were Rebecca Bosch and Arlene Kramer. 

Our residents on Sunday morning were able to view several religious services on their TV’s if they chose to do so before lunch. The residents enjoy being able to watch the religious services each week as able. 

Sunday throughout the day there were several family and friends visiting their loved ones, which the residents sure do enjoy having visitors stopping by. 

Monday morning the activity staff provided the news from the newspaper along with a variety of exercises. 

Monday afternoon the residents were all invited to the dining room for the Resident Choice Activity: Cash Bingo. Ham and beef salad on crackers were served for lunch along with a choice of beverage following the activity. Blackout winners were Alvina Schell and Benny Wald. 

Current Events and Let’s Exercise started out the Tuesday morning activities in the designated areas. 

Resident Council was offered and held in the chapel on Tuesday afternoon. Several residents had attended and shared a variety of meals and activity suggestions for the upcoming month. A good discussion was held, and the residents commented on the issues that were addressed and presented to them Chocolate pudding with whipped topping was served for lunch following the activity. 

“Highway to Heaven” was enjoyed during Shadow Group later Tuesday afternoon. The residents had commented on the movie and how enjoyable it was. 

Feeling Good Group started out the Wednesday morning activities. The ladies were invited to the designated areas to have their hair fixed. 

PokeNo was held in the dining room on Wednesday afternoon. The residents seemed excited to get the activity started. Cash was given out for prizes. At the end of the activity a draw card was drawn by the activity staff. We had five residents winning another cash prize. The winners were Wilma Gross, Nancy Desaultel, Rebecca Bosch, Phyllis Fischer and Loretta Rau. For lunch everyone was treated to rice Krispie bars and a choice of beverage. The residents seemed to have enjoyed the afternoon activity. 

Later before supper the activity staff shared a variety of old-time stories with the residents. 

Welcome to our newest resident Irma Larson to our facility. She came to us from Pollock. 

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