Wednesday morning Marlene Dykema attended the funeral service for Kent Meyer at the Pollock Memorial Presbyterian Church.

Ort and Joy Dykema were dinner guests of Marlene Dykema on Thursday and later Marlene went to Merle and Cindy Ryckman’s home for supper.

Floyd and Janice Haan left Thursday after lunch for Sioux Center, Iowa. They celebrated Thanksgiving with their family at Mark and Kristin Haan’s home Friday afternoon. All were able to attend except Luke, Christa and Axel because they were celebrating Christa’s Mom’s 70th birthday in Kentucky.

Faye Ryckman and Donna Heckelsmiller were Mobridge visitors TueSouth . They were spending time together visiting and Faye treated Donna to lunch before Donna left to go to Watertown to spend the winter months with her son, Dan.

Wednesday , Faye attended the Kent Meyer funeral, and Thursday Ken and Faye drove to Bismarck to pick up son Gary who had flown in from Pittsburgh to spend time with the Ryckman family and attend the Ryckman’s early Christmas.

The Roger Ryckman family hosted this year’s Ken and Faye Ryckman family Christmas gathering at the Cedar Fellowship Hall. Twenty-nine family members were in attendance including the hosts, Chris, Brandi, Amber, and David Ryckman families. Also attending were Al and Inel Ryckman and son Dale and family, Gary Ryckman, and the Dennis Ryckman family.

A great time was had by all and on Sunday the Chris, Brandi, Amber and David Ryckman families worshipped together at the Presbyterian church and later dinner together at Oahe Sunset in honor and memory of Roger Ryckman whose 65th birthday would have been that day.

TueSouth , John and Betty Van Beek went to Mobridge for business.

Betty Van Beek attended the Kent Meyer funeral service.

Gregg, Arlene and Georgia Van Beek arrived at the home of John and Betty Van Beek Wednesday evening for the Thanksgiving weekend. Jeff Van Beek joined them for the Thanksgiving activities at his parents, John and Betty Van Beek. Gregg and Jeff Van Beek did the cooking for the day.

John, Betty, Arlene and Georgia were dinner guests of Jeff and Gregg Van Beek at Oahe Sunset on Saturday.

After church services at the Pollock Memorial Presbyterian Church Sunday morning, Jeff and Betty Van Beek went for dinner at Oahe Sunset. Jeff took back a meal for his Dad John Van Beek following the dinner.

Bill and Connie Fischer and Vina La Fave had Thanksgiving dinner at Bayside.

Oliver and Roxie LaFave and from grandchildren stopped at Vina LaFave’s home Thanksgiving night.

Cindy Fjeldheim was a Wednesday and Friday afternoon visitor of Irene Ryckman.

Wednesday morning Myrna Weber attended the funeral service and lunch for Kent Meyer. Following that, she drove to Bismarck to surprise her daughter Cheryl Kroh for her 65th birthday. In the evening, Myrna, Cheryl, Roger, Rita and Rachelle Wetzstein all went to a local cafe to celebrate Cheryl’s birthday. Following the meal, they all went to Rita’s house to visit. Myrna stayed overnight at Rita’s house.

Thursday , Myrna Weber had Thanksgiving dinner at her daughter Cheryl and Roger Kroh’s home. In the afternoon, they celebrated Cheryl’s birthday and celebrated an early birthday for Rita Wetzstein, enjoying pumpkin pie and cupcakes.

Peg Van Beek attended the community Thanksgiving service at the Pollock Lutheran Church on Sunday night.

Peg Van Beek attended the family service for Kent Meyer. Peg Van Beek accompanied Ed Van Beek to Bismarck on TueSouth for appointments.

Peg Van Beek joined 20 plus family members for their Thanksgiving meal at Marilyn and Florian Voller’s home.

Peg Van Beek was a supper guest Friday at Marilyn and Florian’s home as Jason and Tyson Haak from Fargo and Becky and Presley Leier were there. Peg was a Saturday morning visitor until Jason’s family and Becky’s family left at 1 p.m.

Peg Van Beek accompanied Danny and Janice Gjefle to Lyle and Casey Vander Vorst for their Thanksgiving dinner. There were 20 or more guests at that meal.

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