Official Proceedings

Board of County Commissioners Campbell County, S.D.

December 28, 2021

The board of County Commissioners met at 10:00 a.m. in the commissioner’s room at the county courthouse for the year-end meeting with Commissioner’s Scott Rau, Robert Shadwell, Bryan Fjeldheim Brent Odde and Lynn Deibert present.

Chairperson Rau called the meeting to order.

Commissioner Shadwell moved to approve the agenda. Commissioner Deibert seconded. Aye 5 Nay 0 Motion carried. SHERIFF

Commissioner Fjeldheim moved to enter into a jail agreement with Beadle County for 2022. Commissioner Odde seconded. Aye 5 Nay 0 Motion carried.

Commissioner Odde moved to enter into a jail agreement with Edmunds County for 2022. Commissioner Shadwell seconded. Aye 5 Nay 0 Motion carried.

Law enforcement agreements have been sent to cities for approval. HIGHWAY

Commissioner Odde moved to declare a plastic trailer liner as surplus and approve the sale to Corson County for cost. Commissioner Fjeldheim seconded. Aye 5 Nay 0 Motion carried.

Commissioner Shadwell moved to authorize the auditor to pay $328,448 for the 2022 CAT Motor Grader. Commissioner Odde seconded.

Aye 5 Nay 0 Motion carried. PLAT

Commissioner Odde moved to approve the following plat. Commissioner Shadwell seconded. Aye 5 Nay 0 Motion carried.

“Be it resolved by the board of County Commissioners of Campbell County, South Dakota, that the plat showing, Weisbeck First Addition in the SW ¼ SE ¼ of Section 12-T128N-R77W of the 5TH P.M., Campbell County, South Dakota, having been examined, is hereby approved in accordance with the provisions of SDCL 11-3, and any amendments thereof.” CONTINGENCY TRANSFERS

Commissioner Deibert moved to approve the following contingency transfers due to unanticipated expenditures and auto supplements due to unanticipated revenue. Commissioner Fjeldheim seconded. Aye 5 Nay 0 Motion carried.

From contingency budget to courthouse budget $18,780.83

From contingency budget to Fema grant budget $17,772.96

From contingency budget to Domestic Abuse budget $50.00

Auto supplement to the American Rescue Plan Fund for $133,636.00

Auto supplement to the Rural Access Infrastructure Fund for $32,311.55 DESIGNATED FUNDS

Commissioner Odde moved to designate $450,000 for future county projects (gravel crushing/road work) and $75,000 for courthouse projects. Commissioner Deibert seconded. Aye 5 Nay 0 Motion carried. OTHER

Reviewed insurance statement of values for county property renewal. CLAIMS

Commissioner Shadwell moved, seconded by Commissioner Odde to approve the following claims. Aye 5 Nay 0 Motion carried.


Agtegra Cooperative, 1,000.00, Relocate Tank; WD Larson Companies, 482.30, Parts ; American Solutions for Business, 190.25, Office Supply; Aspire, 1,440.00, 2021 Allocation; Avera St Mary’s Hospital, 980.58, Prisoner Care; Darlene Bates, 6.72, Mileage-Ec Development; Sandra Bauer, 10.59, Courthouse Supply; Beadle Sales, 68.16, Service Ford F-150; Butler Machinery, 328,448.00, 2022 Cat Motor Grader; Butler Machinery, 3,549.78, Parts & Labor; Campbell County Soil Conserv., 1,000.00, 2021 Budget Allocation; Capital I Industries, 35.27, Freight/ Invoice Correction; Lynn Deibert, 9.24, Mileage; Dept of Ag & Natural Resources, 600.00, Annual Gravel Pit Permits; Factor 360 Inc, 480.00, Website Annual Fee; Fastenal, 42.13, Shop Supply; .Bryan Fjeldheim, 10.92, Commissioner Mileage; GTC Auto Part Inc, 125.69, Shop Supply; Herreid Super Stop, 116.70, Ambulance Fuel; Huber & Son, 164.88, Service & Rotate Tires; Gloria Huber, 80.64, Mileage Ec. Development; Hughes County Finance Office, 1,200.00, Prisoner Care; IMEG, 12,202.24, Spring Creek Study; John Deere Financial, 1,191.28, Parts & Filter Kits; Delores Kluckman, 142.80, Mileage- Ec Development; Mark K Kroontje, 1,374.55, States Attny Monthly Fees; Linton Hospital, 300.00, Ambulance Intercept; Linton Hospital, 48.04, Supply-Masks & Gowns; Matheson Tri-Gas Inc, 115.56, Oxygen Supply; MDU, 533.42, Electricity; Ron Mittleider, 10,900.00, Supply- Pit Run; Newman Signs Inc, 266.54, Flag Material; City of Mobridge ,5,233.95, 3rd Qtr E911 Surcharge; Northeast Mental Health Center, 1,000.00, 2021 Budget Allocation; Northern Plains Machine, 249.00, Parts Labor Fix Wing Pipe; Brent Odde, 21.00, Commission Mileage; Patsy’s Café 2.0 LLC, 256.50, Christmas Meal; Pharm Chem Inc, 31.45, Supply-Drug Patches; Pollock Implement & Lumber, 354.98, Tow Rope,Impact Wrench,Socket; Quill Corporation, 112.90, Office Supply; Scott Rau, 16.80, Commissioner Mileage; Rees Communications, 403.00, Portable Radio & Charger; Runnings Supply Inc, 129.99, Tools-Recip Saw ; Merle Schuetzle, 80.64, Mileage Ec Development; Roy Dean Schwartz, 6.72, Mileage Ec Development; SD Dept of Transportation, 23,072.95, Contracted Service-Strip; Selby Auto Sales & Service, 130.50, Parts & Shop Supply; Servall Uniform & Linen, 53.84, Courthouse Mop/Rug Service; Robert Shadwell, 6.72, Commissioner Mileage; Shane’s Pharmacy, 6.11, Prisoner Care-Medication; Thompson Reuters-West, 121.92, SD Codified Law Vol 1-5; Titan Machinery, 268.04, Throttle Cable; Transource, 896.56, Parts-Brake Repair; Uniform Center, 79.98, Uniform Allowance ; Andrew Van Kuren, 285.44, Mileage & 501C3 App. Fee; Andrew Van Kuren, 1,386.66, Tourism Conf, Supply, Phone; Verizon Wireless, 340.79, Cell Usage; Kenneth Wientjes, 1,709.12, Conference Reg & Lodging; Wilbert Service, 495.45, Service & Brake Repair;

Commissioner Odde moved to adjourn at 11:45 a.m. Commissioner Shadwell seconded. Aye 5 Nay 0 Motion carried. Next meeting Tuesday, January 4, 2022 at 10:00 a.m.

Lisa Perman,
Scott Rau,

(Published once at the approximate cost of $55.93) 3

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