Nanette Christiansen of Miller was an April 29 dinner guest at the Dean and Barb Wessel home.

Nancy Johnson attended the Red Hatters meeting in Akaska on May 4.

Barb Wessel visited Margaret Salzer and Deedra Gesinger in Pierre on May 4. Tey were supper guest of Deedra in Ft. Pierre to celebrate a birthday.

Rodger and Vicki Kruger of Lakewood, Colorado, Trent Kruger, Dean Wessel, Kenny and Marilyn Brockel, Shirley Vander Laan, Dean and Nancy Johnson, Kenny and Arlene Odde of Pollock and Topper and Judy Thorstenson of Selby had supper at the MC 83 Bar and Grill on May 6.

Rodger and Vicki Kruger and Dean and Barb Wessel were May 7 supper guests at the Ken and Marilyn Brockel home. Dean and Barb Wessel and Rodger and Vicki Kruger were May 8 visitors at the Larry Renner home.

May 8 visitors at the Shirley Vander Laan home were Judy Thorstenson of Selby, Vicki Kruger, Marilyn Brockel, Deb Ritter, Linda Salverson. Barb Wessel and Nancy Haefner. The ladies spent the afternoon visiting about their years with the Farmerettes Club. The club started the Hobby Show in 1968. When the Farmerettes disbanded the Lions Club in Mound City took over and now the Mound City Community Group hosts the Annual Hobby Show, which is always held on the last Sunday in April.

Nancy Johnson went to Pierre on May 9 to attend the track meet that her grandson, Travis Boddicker competed.

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