Mobridge-Pollock school sees increase in revenues, expenditures during preliminary 2022-2023 budget report to board of directors

Certified salaries to increase 2% - 2.5%

Although the provisional budget for Mobridge-Pollock School shows increased funding in the General Fund, the district’s expenditures are projected to go up during the 2022-2023 school year as well.

Superintendent Tim Frederick addressed the Mobridge-Pollock School District No. 62-6 during its monthly school board meeting May 9 at the school library, with all five school board members were present including Travis Henderson, Dustin Jahraus, Eric Stroeder, Tasha Peltier and Chris Fried. 

Preliminary budget

Meeting minutes stated Frederick highlighted the 2022-2023 provisional budget showing General Fund revenues are projected to increase due to state aide increase of about $317,639. ARP revenues are expected to go up to $577,274, and Title funding will see an increase of $114,640.

However, expenditures are showing the same increase trend in all educational areas mostly due to raises and fringe benefits.

Certified salaries will increase 2 – 2.5% plus $2,000, while classified staff will get a 4-5% increase along with health insurance increase.

Although the special education fund was adjusted during the 2021-2022 school year, that fund balance will be adjusted again this coming year due to the balance being above 25% of expenditures.

The district is looking at adjusting the food service fund by $54,700 from the general fund due to projected lower federal reimbursements.

Frederick stated Title Funding proposes paying for five teacher, which includes salary and benefits. That funding supports all four schools, totaling more than $300,000.

ESSER II funding proposes paying salary and benefits for four teachers, totaling $240,000. While ESSER III proposes paying 1.5 personnel, totaling $174,000.

Other highlights of the preliminary budget shows Capital Outlay proposing $70,000 for curriculum; $80,000 for vehicles; $155,000 for technology; $20,000 for equipment; $4,000 for library; $97,000 for building and grounds; $127,000 for co-curricular; $30,000 for fund designations; and $380,000 flexible spending for support of salaries. 

Frederick noted ARP ESSER III will support about $855,000 in expenditures for the window replacement project and the stadium bleacher replacements.

The meeting minutes stated the Impact Aid will support the revenues in the general fund, with revenues each year being $166,000. There is $47,353 that offers additional support for salaries, benefits purchase services and supplies.

During the current year, the minutes show the district budgeted $300,000 from Impact Aid to support the new track.

Track project

Frederick updated the board on track project, stating crews will be to the school May 25 to lay the mat on the track. Frederick told the board they got trees last week that will be planted soon. 

The track project is part of the ARP ESSER III funding, which is a grant from the American Relief Plan, a form of COVID funding.

In other business, the board approved the following actions:

– Resignations of Paraprofessional Alexandra Steiger, math Teacher Heather Sohl and career and technical education (hospitality and tourism) teacher Elizabeth Quinn.

– Advertising for CTE (hospitality and tourism) teacher, high school math teacher and a middle school science teacher.

– Contracts for CTE (metal fabrications) Teacher Todd Naasz and third-grade Teacher Natalie Hayes.

– The Perkins Consortium Agreement and offered to serve as fiscal agent in the future. 

– The April 12, 2022 election results. 

– Frederick to cast a “Yes” vote for all seven amendment changes to the 2022 SDHSAA official amendment ballot. 

– A bid from Lyle Lutz for $45/bale on the school land. 

– A bid from House of Glass for $260,237 for window replacement and an alternate for $41,230, which is one vent window per classroom. The school will see if the alternate is approved under ARP funding. 

– Entering executive session for the purpose of negotiations and contracts. The meeting lasted 40 minutes. 

– The negotiated agreement and contract amendments for 2022-2023. 

– To offer co-curricular contracts for 2022- 2023 as per list presented. 

– Adjourned the meeting at 7:28 p.m. 

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