Orland and Waynette Geigle left July 16 for the northern Black Hills area. They met Russ and Kristin Schick, Emma, Brady and Trevor of Hazelton for a short stay at a cabin in the Lead area. Russ and Kris and the boys returned home Monday morning after dropping Emma off at Black Hills State University in Spearfish for a volleyball camp. Orland and Waynette had a brief visit with Karen Holzer of Spearfish Monday afternoon and were houseguests of Nancy Prasek of Spearfish on Monday and Tuesday. They picked Emma up Wednesday noon for the return trip back home. 

Kenneth and Arlene Odde attended the 4-H BBQ and program in Selby Friday night. Saturday, Arlene went to Selby to the 4-H Livestock Show Achievement Day. 

Kenneth and Arlene Odde attended the Odde Ochsner Family Reunion in Aberdeen on Saturday. 

Quentin and Lori Larson had house guests, all coming for their Grandmother Mavis Huizenga’s funeral. Amanda and Luke Weinstein and Isaac from Tucson, Ariz., Rod and Jessica Hunt, Wyatt and Keegan, from Pasadena, Cal., Samantha Larson and Thayson of Denver, Colo.. Bruce and Debbie Schuetzle of Minn., and their children, Larissa Schuetzle, Dan Martenson, Jim and Victoria Guthrie, Christina and Nick Norbie were also visitors at the home of Quentin and Lori Larson. 

Delores Kluckman and Darlene Binfet went to Aberdeen for Darlene’s dental appointment. 

Delores Kluckman and Darlene Binfet went to Aberdeen for business on Wednesday. They stopped at the Buffalo Station and ran into Wilmer Deibert who grew up in the Gale area. They had a good visit. 

Darlene Binfet came to Delores Kluckman’s home on Friday. They had dinner at Delores Kluckman’s home and then attended the Legion Auxiliary meeting at the library. 

Delores Kluckman went to Mobridge Sunday. She and Darlene Binfet went to New Everett’s for dinner, and back to Darlene’s home to work on projects and had supper and came home. 

Katherine Sjomeling, Alice Slagh and Ruthie Stoecker went to Mobridge on Tuesday. They had dinner at the Dairy Queen and Sue Vowell met them there. Ruth was overnight at Katherine’s. Lyle Sjomeling and family and mother-in-law from Puerto Rico, Gary Sjomeling, Ruth Stoecker, Alice Slagh were Tuesday evening visitore of Katherine Sjomeling. 

Katherine Sjomeling, Ruth Stoecker and Alice Slagh went to Bismarck. They visited Ann Langeliers at St. Gabriel’s in Bismarck. Alice went home with Ruthie for a few days. Katherine Sjomeling, Gary and Betty Sjomeling, Lyle Sjomeling and family and his mother-in-law and Terry and Kim Sjomeling went to Oahe Sunset for supper Thursday night. 

Katherine Sjomeling went to Herreid on Friday and had dinner with Julie, Kinlee and Todd Rossow at Patsy’s Cafe. Katherine Sjomeling went to Ruthie Stoecker’s home for supper. After that Katherine Sjomeling, Ruthie Stoecker and Alice Slagh and Sue Vowell went to Mobridge to the pool to see Christie Springer and Page from Valentine, Neb., and her great grandchildren Kinbley and Treyson. 

Gilbert, Cathie and Callie Mickelson went to Watertown to Cathie’s niece’s wedding last weekend. 

Martie and Hannah, Catie’s Kleindl’s children were at Gilbert and Cathie’s Monday to Thursday and Cathie met Catie in Aberdeen to get the kids. 

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