Why is it important to me to re-run for my seat on the Pollock board?

To ensure that the Pollock town infrastructure and community continue to improve, grow, and thrive in a positive manner as it has been over the past five years. Pollock is not only our hometown, but a major tourist destination that helps our local economy. Our community center is fully rented and maintained. Our parks are beautifully kept up by removing overgrowth, dead trees and keeping the grass cut. Our many shelters, ball fields and exercise equipment are used heavily all summer. Our town’s image has improved as properties are cleaned up and overall property values have increased. Key infrastructure projects needed have been replacing main water line shut off valves, permanent street repairs and keeping our streets and alleys cleared in winter. Our very important water tower project, which has many phases over the next few years, is a project I want to be a part of throughout its completion.

What are 3 issues facing Pollock that need to be addressed during the next term?

Water tower renovation, the inside and outside of the water tower needs work to bring it into compliance with current regulations and have accessible safe drinking water.

Replace a couple more sets of main water valves.

Continue to budget and keep the town’s accounts growing to provide positive cash flow for all current and future projects.

How do you plan to address those 3 issues?

Water tower renovation, we do have a 3-year plan in place with a contractor and have locked in all the pricing for all 3 phases. Phase 1 will happen this summer and will consist of doing what is called the inside wet renovation. Phase 2 summer 2024 will be the inside Dry renovation. Phase 3 summer of 2025 is everything on the outside of the tower including a new paint job. The water tower is one of the first things you see when you enter Pollock and should be stunning, and more importantly having good pressure and safe drinking water.

We should replace 1 or 2 more sets of main water line valves so that in the event of a leak we can shut down only a portion of town versus the whole town as is the case now.

Town budgeting is very important to all current and future projects, Over the last 5 years, the accounts have increased substantially.

What are 2 things you believe are going well in the town that you would not change during the next term?

Number 1 and most important is our employees have the knowledge, experience and do a wonderful job for the community. The maintenance of our town is a 24/7/365 job, we have a dedicated employee who has improved our town and brings attention to things that need to be fixed before they become major issues. Keeping our streets clear and parks clean. The lagoon and water treatment are a very important aspect of a healthy town. Our financial officer has 20+ years of knowledge in municipality administration. The documentation, notices and legal requirements need to be accurate and done in a timely manner. We have had zero issues with any audits for decades. We don’t have the turn over problem many towns do.

Number 2 would be continuing to update and maintain town infrastructure and properties. Keep attracting new families to move here and property values up to improve our overall economics.

If elected to the position what are your plans for economic growth within the Town of Pollock?

As far as economic growth, I think we have done a great job in the past 5 years. By keeping our town clean and beautiful, good infrastructure, having multiple businesses and services, we have had an influx of several new families move to Pollock. New businesses have opened, for example 4 new businesses have opened and are thriving in the community center within the past 5 years, and property values have gone up. All that in combination has a huge effect on our small-town economics. I would love to revitalize our main street with more diverse businesses to continue our growth. Top 3 of the last 10 years for sales tax revenue: 2018=$171,459 ; 2013=$145,860 ; 2022=$142,030 These numbers are far higher than the other 7 years and shows that our local economy is doing well and the new businesses are also doing well.

What is your opinion of the current budget for the town of Pollock?

We have done a very good job balancing the budget. Conservatively planning out key infrastructure projects, updating degraded town equipment and renting town properties and community center. One example is the new payloader and snowplow attachment we bought within the past 2 years. Due to the conservative budgeting, we were able to purchase this loader paying cash and our 2022 yearend balance of cash on hand was higher than it was 3 years ago. Cash on hand is as follows: 2012=$134,856, 2018=$897,884, 2022=$1,068,228. We are doing great at budgeting while, making much needed upgrades to systems while not having to borrow money. 2010 was the last year with 2 fulltime maintenance men total city payroll for that year was $113,018, 2022=$151,161, difference of +$38,143 but only an annual increase of around 2.5% which is spread across fulltime, part-time & board salaries, any business would be happy with this small increase.

What personal qualities of yours make you a good candidate for this position?

During my terms, I added a code of ethics policy document for all members to sign. It’s important for all members to be ethical, especially with today’s current political turmoil. I am honest, levelheaded, conservative and have integrity. I put the town first and foremost in every decision. I encourage people to come to our meetings and I’ve always been available to talk with anyone. I volunteer a lot of my time with things like water line repairs, tree trimming and whatever else may require another hand. In addition, volunteer with men’s club, church, and fire department activities and am also someone who is called upon by many others since they know they can count on me when needed. I and 3 others are sacrificing our personal time to become Firefighter 1 & 2 certified to help the town achieve a lower ISO rating.

What background and leadership experience do you have that makes you a good candidate for this position?

My life, work and volunteer experiences have prepared me well for a leadership role with the town. From an early age, I’ve worked on farms and continue to help with farming. I have degrees in diesel mechanics and wind energy. My career consists of John Deere mechanic running service trucks for many years and currently work for RWE at the Campbell County Wind farm. I was an employee of the town in the maintenance department for three years and now as a member of the town board, I understand all aspects of running the town. Other positions held: five years on town board, four as chairmen. 20+ years on the Mens Club, five years on the Pollock Lutheran church council as vice president. I have spent countless hours volunteering for every event going on in town. I participate and attend neighboring communities with their events as a good neighbor.

Why should the Pollock community vote for you?

I was born and raised here, have lived here most of my life in Pollock. I have served the town proudly and want to see it continue to grow and be a safe, financially sound, positive community for all residents to live in and visitors to enjoy. We have moved in the right direction and I would like to be a part of the continued growth and improvement of our great community. Please get out and vote April 11th at the Pollock community center and if you will not be around that day absentee ballots are available at the finance office Monday – Friday during business hours. Thank you to all residents for making Pollock a great place to live.

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