Artas town board meets in August

On August 17, 2022, the Artas Town Board met at the home of Mayor Elaine Levi at 9:30 AM. Present for the meeting were Mayor Elaine Levi, Trustee Jeff Krenz, Treasurer George Hulscher, and Secretary David Deurmier. Also present for the meeting was Clayton Delzer and Eldon Wahl. 

Mayor Elaine Levi called the meeting to order and asked for any conf licts of interest. There were none. Mayor Elaine Levi approved the July minutes as published. Mayor Elaine Levi approved the agenda. 

Old Business: 

No old business. 

New Business: 

A tree on city property is being discussed to be torn down. 

Monies Received: 

$1,066.85 from State of SD for Highway/ Bridge 

$740.72 from Campbel l County 

 Treasurer for July Apportionment 

$4.60 from Campbell County Treasurer for June Apportionment 

Total Monies Received: $1,812.17 

Bills Paid: 

(Drawer) for $145.09 to MDU for Well/ Lights 

CK#2652 for $350.00 to Kroontje Law Office for Legal Fees 

CK#2653 for $24.76 to Prairie Pioneer for Publishing 

CK#2654 for $179.24 to George Hulscher for Deluxe Printing Check Blanks 

Total Bills Paid: $699.09 

Mayor Elaine Levi adjourned the meeting. The next Artas Board meeting will be September 21, 2022, at 9:30 AM. 

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