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Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2015 • 12 Noon CST
Herreid, S.D. • (605) 437-2265
• THULLNER—complete dispersion: 100 Black Angus, home-raised cows, 3 to
8 years old; 18 home-raised Black Angus heifers all bred to Hart Black Angus
bulls, due March 20. Bulls selected for BW high growth and maternal; 6 Black
Angus herd bulls 2 to 3 years old out of Hart breeding. This is a retirement
sale and a closed herd for 35 years.
• SCHULTZ—colored dispersion selling all black cows: 55 black cows, all home-raised
cows, 3 to 6 years old, 3/4 Angus 1/4 Simmental, bred Red Angus, due
March 10, full shot program. This is a Johe’s free closed herd.
• UMBER—complete dispersion: 120 black and bwf cows, 5 years old to SM,
bred to Black Simmental cross bulls, due March 17, shot program and poured.
• RITTER FARM—age dispersion: 40 red cows; 50 black cows, all 7 to 9 years
old, bred Wells Charolais bulls, due April 1.
• ROSE HILL GELBVIEH—dispersion due to health: 65 head including: all are
pure-bred registered cows; 14 1st calvers; 13 3-year olds; 25 4 to 7 year olds;
13 older cows. All are bred to Gustin, Judd Ranch, Sienknecht and RHGF bulls.
Black cows bred black and red cows bred red, due to calf March 1, heifers to
calf one week earlier. All are pure-bred registered cows.
• F-T RANCH—80 black cows, SM-BM, bred black, due March 25.
• J-S—40 red and rwf cows, 5-BM, bred red and Charolais, due April 1.
• HEATON—40 black bred heifers, bred black, ultrasounded; 20 heifers due April
1-15, 20 heifers due May 1.
• SPITZER—25 black bred heifers, bred black, due April 1 for 60 days, 1050-1100
lbs.; 30 black cows, SM-BM, bred black, due April 10 for 60 days.
• K. FETTIG—dispersion: 30 black cows, 4 to 10 years old, bred Charolais, due
April 20.
• KALIANOFF—30 Red Angus heifers bred Red Angus, due March 10, 1200 lbs.
• PENDING—40 black cows, 4 to 7 years old, bred black, due March 15.
These cows and heifers will be tested prior to the sale by the
Ashley Vet Clinic. For more information, call Herreid Livestock
Auction 605-437-2265 or Joe Vetter 701-391-3479,
JR Scott 605-359-7358, Kent Fjeldheim 605-848-3459.
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