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This Notice is being issued pursuant to Herreid Revised Statute 6-14(d) to Mark Bechtold. A copy of said ordinance will be provided on request. The specific nuisance vehicles that are alleged to be in violation are as follows:

The specific vehicles which have been found to be a nuisance are the grey Dodge Ram Prospector pickup South Dakota license #16A336 which has been setting in the driveway with flat tires for several years, and the large white and orange International S1600 moving truck on the north side of the house located on property owned by Mark Bechtold, said property described as Lot 9, Block 11 Highland Addition to Herreid, SD.

The vehicles constitute a nuisance under Herreid Revised Ordinance 6-14(b)(7).

You must take all necessary steps to remove and abate this nuisance within ten (10) days of the publication of this notice. In the alternative you may license the vehicles. If you fail to remove, or license the vehicles within ten (10) days, the city will cause the same to be abated and assess the costs thereof, including the costs of levying the special assessment. The procedure the City will follow for abatement is Herreid Revised Ordinance 6-14.

You can call or email City Attorney Mark K. Kroontje with questions at 605-437- 2426 or

Published once at the total approximate cost of $13.25 22

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