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Board of County Commissioners

November 3, 2015

The board of County Commissioners met at 9:00 a.m. in the commissioner’s room at the county courthouse with Commissioners Alvin Fjeldheim, Robert Shadwell, Mark Bentz, Lorraine Anderson, and Scott Rau. States Attorney Mark Kroontje and Orland Geigle, Prairie Pioneer were also present.

Chairperson Fjeldheim called the meeting to order.

Commissioner Bentz moved, Rau seconded, to approve minutes of the October 6, 2015 meeting as published. Aye 5 Nay 0 Motion carried. DATES OF CLOSING

The courthouse will be closed November 11 for Veterans Day and November 26 & 27 for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Commissioner Anderson moved to close the courthouse at 12:00 p.m. on December 24th for the Christmas holiday. Commissioner Shadwell seconded. Aye 5 Nay 0 Motion carried. EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT

Lawrence Goehring, Emergency Management Coordinator met with the board and gave a weather update.

Reported the Haz Mat Plan has been completed by NECOG and was funded by a grant through FEMA.

The generator has been delivered and Goehring is waiting on EHP Clearance from FEMA for installing it.

The wind farm will be testing the electrical for the turbines at 9:00 a.m. this morning and will be ongoing this week. Some of the turbines should be up and running later in the week. WIND FARM

Ben Khali with Con Edison, and Matt Rasta with Fagan Engineering met with the board to discuss narrowing the approaches back to original size. They will work with the highway department and the landowners on this project and also follow regulation on sign placement.

The Commission discussed the condition of the roads and the haul road agreement that the county has with the company and stressed the need to get repair work started. HIGHWAY

Terry Madden, Interim Highway Superintendent, met with the commission to discuss the following activities.

Reviewed a written complaint on the condition of 112th St from Highway 83 west to Highway 1804.

Asphalt patching has been completed.

Distributed information on the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program.

New employee Brady Blom started October 29, 2015.

Discussed surplusing the used culverts taken out of 304th Ave.

Discussed a request to do work on a section line that would lead into a residence. Madden will look at the area.

Reviewed screen analysis and PI results on gravel pit test sites. EXECUTIVE SESSION

Commissioner Anderson moved to enter into executive session for personnel at 10:35 a.m. Commissioner Rau seconded. Aye 5 Nay 0 Motion carried.

Board came out of executive session at 11:20 p.m. No action taken. SURPLUS PROPERTY

Commissioner Bentz moved to declare the Fellows shredder as surplus property as zero value and to be disposed. Commissioner Rau seconded. Aye 5 Nay 0 Motion carried. TRANSFER

Commissioner Bentz moved to transfer $450,000 from the General Fund to the Highway Road & Bridge Fund. Commissioner Rau seconded. Aye 5 Nay 0 Motion carried.

Board recessed at 12:00 p.m.

Board reconvened at 1:05 p.m. OTHER

Auditor Lisa Schaefbauer and Deputy Auditor Letty Weisbeck will be attending election workshop November 4-6.

Campbell County Bank dinner will be December 1, 2015 at Bernie’s.

Set the year-end meeting date as December 29, 2015 at 9:00 a.m.

Commissioner Shadwell moved to table a request to reimburse Walworth County for Jill Hoogeveen attending assessor schooling on September 28 through Oct 2, 2015. Commissioner Anderson seconded. Aye 5 Nay 0 Motion carried.

Hoogeveen started employment with Campbell County October 15, 2015.

Commissioner Anderson reported attending a meeting for the Five County TV Translator District and the process that’s required to disband.

Reviewed request for a letter of reference of employment. The board has not made a practice to draft letters of reference and chose to continue to follow that practice. EXECUTIVE SESSION

Commissioner Rau moved to enter into executive session at 1:40 p.m. for legal issue. Commissioner Shadwell seconded. Aye 5 Nay 0 Motion carried.

Board came out of executive session at 2:50 p.m.

Commissioner Rau moved to provide electronic records request as per SDCL 1-27- 1.2 effectively immediately. Commissioner Shadwell seconded. Aye 5 Nay 0 Motion carried. GRAVEL CRUSHING

Commissioner Shadwell moved to advertise for sealed bids for crushing gravel of a minimum of 40,000 ton up to 50,000 ton. Said bids to be opened on December 29th 2015 at 10:00 a.m. Commissioner Bentz seconded. Aye 5 Nay 0 Motion carried. HEALTH INSURANCE RENEWAL

Health insurance renewal information was distributed to the board. The new rates reflect a 9.41% increase in premium. No action taken. Board to visit with the agent at the next commission meeting. SHERIFF

Sheriff report for the month of October was distributed to the board. SD FLAP PROGRAM

Commissioner Rau moved to enter into the reimbursable grant for the SD FLAP Program and authorize the auditor to disburse $10,000 for the agreement. Commissioner Anderson seconded. Aye 5 Nay 0 Motion carried. PAYROLL

October 2015 gross salaries by department for officials and employees. Commissioners, $ 2,325.00; Auditor, 4,734.79; Treasurer, 4,734.79; States Attorney, 3,467.92; Custodian, 1,515.36; Director of Equalization, 2,932.04; Register of Deeds, 1,308.54; Veterans Service, 468.00; Sheriff, 6,946.17; Ambulance, 750.00; Extension, 81.00; Economic Develop., 2,136.67; Highway, 20,023.78; AFLAC-county match Group Insurance, 522.94; Blue Cross Blue Shield-county match Health Ins, 18,210.58; South Dakota Retirement-co match Retirement, 3,195.54; EFTPScounty match Social Security, 3,854.06 CLAIMS

Commissioner Bentz moved to approve the following claims. Commissioner Anderson seconded. Aye 5 Nay 0 Motion carried.

A&B Business Inc, 599.93, Supply; A-1 Heating & Air, 283.00, Furnace Repair- Herreid; A-1 Heating & Air, 236.00, Furnace Rpr-Courthouse; Lorraine Anderson, 45.36, Mileage; Baumanns Service Station, 24.00, Tire Repair; Mark Bentz, 170.94, Mileage; Butler Machinery, 238.52, Slides for Moboard; Campbell County Collision, 290.00, Install Bumper; D&E Supply Co Inc, 93.69, Courthouse Supply; Alvin Fjeldheim, 151.20, Mileage; Carina Flemmer, 412.73, Mileage & Registration; Jodie Gjefle, 175.85, Registration- EMT Conf.; GTC Auto Parts Inc, 17.53, Fuel Filter & Fuses; Ralph Hanson, 346.30, Mileage & Office Expense; Heartland Publishing Inc, 739.63, Publishing; Herreid Post Master, 38.00, Box Rent/Ambulance; Jill Hoogeveen, 172.59, Office Supply; Amanda Horner, 248.09, Shredder & Phone;Huber & Son, 801.30, Supply & Change Tire; Huber & Son, 113.25, Service 2013 Tahoe; Mark Kroontje, 1,233.37, Monthly Expense; Locken Oil LLC, 9,383.58, Gas & Diesel; Terry Madden, 155.98, Lodging/Supply-Gas; MARC, 216.76, Shop Supply; Marco Inc, 212.24, Copy Machine Rent; Matheson Tri-Gas Inc, 95.81, Shop Supply; MDU, 453.42, Electricity; Mobridge Tribune, 415.50, Advertising; Newman Signs Inc, 77.68, Signs; Northern Plains Machine, 149.33, Repairs #1207 Mower; Mound City Post Office, 212.00, Postage Stamps; Preble Medical, 110.00, Professional Service; Preble Medical, 53.00, Professional Service; Scott Rau, 109.20, Mileage; Runnings Supply Inc, 91.46, Shop Supply; Runnings Supply Inc, 7.99, Spool-Cordless; David Schaefbauer, 185.85, Registration-EMT Conf.; Heidi Schaefbauer, 185.85, Registration-EMT Conf.; SD Dept of Transportation, 1,459.33, Bridge Project; SD Sheriff’s Association, 42.13, Decals; Servall Uniform & Linen, 105.94, Courthouse Supply; Robert Shadwell, 13.44, Mileage; Sheehan Mack Sales & Equipment, 1,341.46, Repair; Slater Oil & LP Gas, 336.60, Propane; Valley Telco, 682.52, Phone & Internet; Verizon Wireless, 283.00, Cell Phone Service; Von Wald Law Offices, 90.00, Court Appt Attny Fees; Web Water, 60.53, Water Used; Western Communications Inc, 436.75, Repair Portable Radio

Total amount of deposits
in bank........$1,320,851.99
Total amount
of actual cash...... 873.52
Total amount
of checks........ 198,039.42
Money on
Commissioner Bentz
moved to adjourn the meeting
at 4:10 p.m. Commissioner
Shadwell seconded. Aye 5
Nay 0 Motion carried. Next
regular monthly meeting December 1, 2015 at 9:00 a.m.
Year-end meeting December
29, 2015 at 9:00 a.m.

Alvin Fjeldheim,
Lisa Schaefbauer,

Published once at the total
approximate cost of $56.26

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