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Thank Yous


For all the cards and gifts and making my 90th birthday special. Thanks also to all the ones that cared for me and brought food while I was sick.

God Bless,
Elsie Ryckman

THE FAMILY OF MARTHA HEIER: Would like to thank everyone that came to pay their respects. Those who sent cards, flowers, monetary gifts, food and your comforting words of condolences. The Strasburg Care Center staff for the wonderful loving care she received there. Father Thomas Clement for her beautiful service, the music, and all those who took part. St. Michael’s Altar Society for serving the delicious lunch. Myers Funeral Home for their excellent service and guidance. God granted Martha the rest she so well deserved.


Would like to thank Fr. Thomas Clement for the inspirational service and for all his visits with mom. Thank you to the mass servers, Julie Brandner and choir for the beautiful music, the altar society for serving lunch, and Helen Thullner for leading the Rosary at the wake. We would also like to thank Lacie and the staff of Myer’s Funeral Home for everything they did to help us through this difficult time. Thank you to everyone for the food, hugs, prayers, flowers, cards and memorials, your thoughtfulness means so much to our family.

Dean & Judy Seiler Family
Linda & Dean Wittmeier
Jean & Brad Blow Family
Jim & Kim Seiler Family


Would like to thank all the Herreid community who attended the baby shower and sent gifts. A special thank you to the Herreid Baptist Church and Heidi, Renee and Lenae for organizing the shower.

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